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2017 China’s lithium battery market size will reach 82.18GWh

According to the latest data show that in March 2017, China’s lithium-ion battery production was 757 million, an increase of 45.3%; 1-3 month cumulative production reached 1.92 billion, the cumulative increase of 35.2%.

It is reported that mobile phones and electric vehicles and other major downstream products show different degrees of rapid growth, driven by the past two years, China’s lithium-ion battery demand soared, reversing the lithium-ion battery production growth continued to decline trend, power battery has gradually become Lithium battery industry growth of the leading force. Data show that by 2017 China’s lithium-ion battery market size will reach 82.18GWH, the next three years the compound growth rate will be 25%.

Release Time:2017-11-24 17:11:50